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Our company’s work is dated back to 1995, when we decided to start the injection moulding business we are so proud of today. The development of processes regarding transformation and processing of technopolymers was always in our interest and as such we still look after new means for our work, aiming for the highest quality production.

The know-how comes from our founders, who after dedicating themselves for 10 years to injection moulding industry decided to begin their own journey.



Our products granted for more than 20 years the top reliaiability you could possibly hope from thermoplastic components. We create and mould any type of product useful to companies and factories for the development and growth of their business. EIKOS SRL was born with the objective to supply industries and enterpreneurs the best of the products for creation of industrial machines

From supports, to gear, pumps extremely complex parts, what is a necessity for you, has always been a priority to us. Industrial components are what the company was born for, and has always been its spearhead. The experience we pride ourselves with, is something our most loyal clients can certify, and something they are fond of.



Since its foundation EIKOS supply companies with top notch components, be it for illumination or electrical implants. After galvanic, electric is certainly the sector we are most specialized in. 

Between our major productions, it is our interest the development of specialized components, such as plastic support, insulant for transformers and other parts of small and medium size.



Filters and pumping mechanisms represent the main part of our production. Every day we offer efficient solutions to grant the top level performance to our industrial and specialized components. Thanks to our long experience in the thermoplastic filters sector, we were able to broaden our production to a vast spectrum of products. The thing we take most pride in is our relation in the world of galvanic

It’s been more than 20 years since we began to work in this field, creating components and particulars for the galvanization which are sent all around the globe, making Made in Italy an excellence in the chemical-industrial sector. All our products are specialized for the utilization with chemical agents and the durability granted by the materials used speaks for itself regarding our quality. No matter how thick the component, the know-how of our staff is sure to give the best result.



Even if specialized in chemical and industrial fields, EIKOS SRL learned in the last decade how to dedicate his competencies and know-how of the plastic elaboration process even to furniture and design companies. Every day we make possible the commercialisation of design products of the highest quality, both indoor and outdoor, moulding bodies and screens for lamps, spotlights and aesthetic particulars. 

The skills, necessary to be working on a wide range of polymers, that we developed, make feasible to any designer or company who has the necessity to produce their idea to make use of the best treatment and care for details that our production is able to provide.