Moulding techniques
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Our company is always seeking the perfect methods to maintain its high quality standards, which are the core of our philosophy. In fact, we specialised in overmoulding beacuse it’s one of the most used techniques regarding civilian and industrial components, as it provides incredible resilience and durability to the assembled parts. This process is made by moulding the plastic directly onto the chosen material, giving the product sturdiness not reachable otherwise, comparing it to the hand assembly. This also open the door to multiple uses and shortens the production time of the stocks.

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Moulding method now widely implemented in industrial and domestic uses, 3D printing makes possible to realize functional prototypes or smaller stock production without the necessity of creating any mold. Easy, customizable and adaptable, FDM printing is great to be used for any kind of need, being particularly useful thanks to its customizability in the realisation of an idea. 

The most common materials used in this field are: PLA, PLA+, PETG, ABS, TPU e NYLON