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For mold building and designing we make use of the collaboration between two italian societies, specialised in this field and situated next to our company. Starting from the project in the desired digital format (being CAD, STL, OBJ, X3D etc…) it’s possible to realise any kind of mold you’ll need. Maintenance of the mold is something that both our staff and professionals of both companies take care of, to be able to grant full functionality and longevity to the your molds.



Recently EIKOS entered the 3D printing world to take a further step in the field of prototypes, exploiting the potential of FDM printing technology to realize prototypes and designing new ideas and solution for both privates and companies. This specific method gives the opportunity to significantly lower the time and the money spent needed to build and test a new prototype, making possible to experiment on and modify your own product even before the realisation of the mold. The materials which make possible to substantiate your ideas are many, and entwine flexibility and eco-sustainability (thanks to biodegradable materials like PLA) granting the best possible customization to your project.

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Taking care of our clients has always been our primary concern: we learned through years of experience that programming and meeting the deadlines is fundamental for a good and healthy relationship between customer and supplier. That’s why EIKOS make available a storage service that greatly helps managing production and materials availability. This grants the possibility to have access to any product of extreme urgency in little to no time, heavily limiting problems such as delays in material availability or any kind of queue in the orders.